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The Star Plucker Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Damone Roberts gets right into season 2 of the Star Plucker Podcast by answering his Dear Damones (2:00) about organic vs non organic methods of plumping fine lines, the secrets the pros use to curl lashes in any situation, and making your lips appear full w/o breaking the bank. Damone then discusses his relationship with Tony Robbins (6:00) and his experience at Tony Robbins business mastery conference in Las Vegas regarding his entrepreneurship, self development, and leadership growth. He also relays his conversation with Cicely Tyson (11:15) from that morning regarding Cicely’s hat at Aretha Franklin’s service. He is later joined by his guest Gloria Williams aka The Foot Nanny (15:20) where they discuss Gloria’s young adulthood (16:30), her last experience with her mother (18:00), the story of how Oprah’s partner Stedman Graham eventually helped Gloria come up with “The Foot Nanny” business name (20:30), how she came to be Oprah’s personal pedicurist (23:30), what she learned from Oprah that helped her start her business (26:00), her tweet from Oprah that went viral, (29:00), her amazing new scents inspired by her mom and of course Oprah! (31:30), her recent retail success with her products now being available at Macy’s and Costco (33:30), her episode on the OWN show #MindYourBusiness (34:30), the do’s and dont’s of pedicures (36:30), and Gloria faces the lightning round (41:00). They end the podcast discussing following your passion and what that truly feels like! (43:00)



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