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The Star Plucker Podcast

Apr 17, 2018

Damone Roberts answers his Dear Damone's about how to get the best eyebrows at home (3:46), how to get eyelash extensions without damaging natural lash (5:20), dealing with dry hair during winter months (5:55), and why Black Panther is #DopeAF (8:00). He is later joined by his guest Jess Weiner where they discuss Jess’s inspiration to start her career (16:00), how she manifested her life partner and got married in 6 months (20:00), working with the legacy brand Mattel on positively influence children(23:00), her experience working on Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign (28:00), championing a gender summit with the Obama Administration (31:00), how life rewards purpose (33:10), why change starts with the less privileged (34:50), the real impact of #Metoo movement (38:50), a preview of her next book (40:00, ) and Jess faces the lightning round (42:00).


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