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The Star Plucker Podcast

Apr 4, 2018

Damone Roberts answers his Dear Damone's about sunscreen application, how to apply eyeshadow, and avoiding germs at cosmetic counters (1:45). He is later joined by his guest Cristela Alonzo where he discusses how they met at Damone’s salon (8:00), the Toto Story (11:00), growing up as the poorest of the poor (14:00), finding out that cereal boxes had cereal in them (16:00) why she has a different accent than her siblings (19:00), the effect of losing her mom (22:30), being a women of color in the entertainment industry (25:30), dealing with racist hecklers (27:00), why she had to write her way into Hollywood (30:00), fighting through the ignorance of the hollywood studio system as a Latina women (33:00), being unfiltered on twitter (36:45), how her life story earned her the lead role in Cars 3 (39:00), why Wanda Sykes is her favorite comedian (42:00), and Cristela faces the lightning round (42:00).


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