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The Star Plucker Podcast

Dec 6, 2018

Damone Roberts starts the 10th episode reminiscing about 2018 and answers his Dear Damones (3:45) about how to to reduce puffiness around the eyes to look fabulous year round, how to properly care for your makeup brushes so they will last for a long time, and how to locate and obtain discontinued makeup products with Three Custom Color and Estee Lauder. For the Dope AF (9:45), Damone and Mohirah then discuss the Paradise fires and how Bob Wilson, a philanthropist & real estate agent from San Diego, generously donated $1,000 to 1,085 students and staff affected by the fire! He is then joined by his guest Lauren Gallo of Snapchat (14:00) where they discuss Lauren’s upbringing and her first job at Banana Republic (18:00) and Coca Cabana in Long Island/New York, how she got involved working for Soho House via Craigslist ad (22:30), moving to Berlin to open Soho House (25:30), the culture of Soho House (29:00), the interview process of being recruited to Nike Women (32:00), the Nike marketing MBA and experience working there (34:30), being recruited to Apple (39:30), being nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 (43:00), the marketing landscape in 2018 (45:30), her peer group with other marketing experts (49:30), being successful as a women in Corporate America (52:00), and then Lauren answers the Lightning Round (54:30).

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