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The Star Plucker Podcast

Apr 4, 2018

Damone Roberts answers his Dear Damone's (3:00), and talks about being the recipient of the Better Brothers LA Business Leadership Award (7:00). He is later joined by his guest Sam Fine where he discusses shared commonalities with Sam (11:00), Sam's childhood in Chicago (14:00), paying his sisters to do their makeup (16:30), his first job in New York doing makeup for Naomi Sims cosmetics (19:45), how Naomi Campbell gave him a big break (24:00), working on white vs black models (26:30), how he found his purpose (29:00), the struggle to find makeup products for people of color (32:00), being a spokesperson for Covergirl and Revlon (35:00), reminiscing about partying during fashion week in NY with Damone (37:00), how social media has changed cosmetics industry (39:00), and Sam faces the lightning round (42:00).

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